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Handmade and one of a kind


Jennifer Atkins Lehr


Artist working in Clay and Canvas

Where: Berks County Pennsylvania USA

Contact Info:

[email protected]

What is a floorcloth?

My floorcloths are all handpainted and designed one at a time. They are made from heavy #8 and #4 canvas.

Floorcloths are used just like a modern throw rug. Floorcloths have a unique historical background. Prior to the invention of Linoleum in 1860 they were made from the spent sails of old time sailing vessels. Floorcloths are durable and easy to clean. A simple mopping will do. Historically they were used to reduce drafts, protect flooring and to look fancy just like expensive parquet floors. These days they are appreciated by historians and art lovers who recognize their awesome durability and uniqueness.

A few examples of my work. Size and color can be customized to your satisfaction. Handpainted floorcloths are extreamly durable. Each piece has multiple coats of paint and sealer applied. Machine sewn binding is applied as the final step in a 20 coat process.